Supersmoothie Antioxidant

Smoothie with kiwi, lemon, matcha and viatmin C,B,E

Supersmoothie Antioxidant
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Supersmoothie Antioxidant

4.30 €

Pure fruit, no add-ons, no water, no concentrated juice

4 pressed apples (62%), 21 pressed white grapes, 1 mashed banana**, 1, 2 blended mango, 1, 2 mixed kiwis (6.7%), a little pressed cucumber (1.5%), some mixed flax seeds (0.6%), a pinch of spirulina extract, a pinch of lime juice, a pinch of safflower extract, a dash of matcha green tea infusion (0.05%), some vitamins, Thiamin, E101, E375, Vitamin B6, E300, Vitamin E, Rainforest Alliance Certified™M NO ADDED SUGARS, SANS SUCRES AJOUTÉS This bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic, Please pop the cap on and recycle, FLAX SEEDS the innocent promise tastes good, does good (10%), Tasty healthy products Sourced sustainably 10% of profits to charity, promise, be sure to drink it first

Please ALWAYS check all the information on the product packaging before each consumption.
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