HappyCat Adult Light

HappyCat Adult Light

Cat dry food, for overweight cats - sensitive

11.23 €

Happy Cat Adult Light is ideal for overweight cats. The particularly light, saturating and delicious food contains only 8.5% fat, but especially many valuable proteins from poultry and salmon. With customized feeding, over-nutrition and the resulting problems can safely be avoided.

Poultry protein ** (24%), cornmeal, corn, rice flour, greaves, salmon meal (5%), cellulose *, poultry fat, , Potassium chloride, seaweed * (0.2%), linseed (0.2%), yucca schidigera * (0.04%), chicory root (0.04%), yeast * (extracted), mariendistel, artichoke, Lavender, ginger, birch leaves, nettle, chamomile, coriander, rosemary, sage, sweet root, thyme (total dryness: 0.19%); **) dried, partly hydrolyzed, * dried

No allergens

Please ALWAYS check all the information on the product packaging before each consumption.
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