Dr. Schär Gnocchi

Potato gnocchi to cook 2 minutes in boiling water

Dr. Schär Gnocchi
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Dr. Schär Gnocchi

Gluten free
3.78 €

Rice flour, in anti-ex-dation agents, sprinulation for humane with glutenin fmulgator, Retinyl palmitate, giute-free potato gnocchi, preservative tot, cartotel starch, dinatriumaipnoo5phdl daureregulator, nac cim onen in the refrigerator onhowhron undiuh, zuta rehydrated potato flakes, dry storage at room temperature, mono- ce opened, ascor akiosefrei, wheat free, Stabiliser, ainatriumdiphosphnatry, ainatriumdiphosphnatry, eat fets, eiriqerdte diu uisunle win intolerance, Dairy

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