Almo Nature Mackerel

Premium wet food with selected, high-quality and natural ingredients

Almo Nature Mackerel
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Almo Nature Mackerel

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Almo Nature Cat is part of the Natural category of products because they are only made of white meats, red meats, fish and even vegetables from parts that are suitable for human consumption but are not marketed as such for commercial reasons. These ingredients are preserved in their cooking broth with the sole addition of a small percentage of rice. All by-products are absolutely excluded, and so are mineral and vitamin supplements and additives. The range has 26 recipes and includes different types of red and white meat and fish, cheese (a source of calcium), eggs (a source of vitamins and protein) and vegetables (that provide fibre for eliminating hairballs).

Mackerel 75%, fish broth 24%, rice 1%.

No allergens

Please ALWAYS check all the information on the product packaging before each consumption.
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