Pedigree Poultry

Dogfood with 3 kinds of poultrymeat

Pedigree Poultry
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Pedigree Poultry

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With natural fiber, with fibers of, u.a, a mixture of Hoth turkey and duck (12%), Cereal, Minerals, vegetable protein oil pfanciche by-products, u.a, dried beetroot (0.5%), analytical components, 8.7, Fat content 53 inorganic matter, Fiber, humidity, meat and animal by-products (51%), of which 85% natural", including chicken mix, of turkey and duck 12% cereals, mineral substances, vegetable protein extracts by-products, "natural ingredients, Analytical constituents, 8.7, fat content, 2.2, cellulose brute, humidity, Nutritional supplement vitamin D3, Copper, 0.23 mg, Iron, Iron, sulfat-Monohydrat 10mg, Manganese, Znk Znksulfate Monohydrate, Nutritional additives, 300 UI, Coive, lode, fer, monohydrate, monohydrate, Zinc, Shut up, Meat and animal by-products ST% of which 95% natural, %, Protein, 2.2, 0.50, 80.5, Composition, of which dehydrated beet pulp (0.5%), %, protein, 53 inorganic matter, 0.50, 805, EAH additives per kg, 300 IE, Copper, sulfate-Pentahydrate, 1, mg cabium iodate anhydrous, 1I, Manganese, sulfat-Monohydrat, 1.8 mg, 19.4 mg, Additives per kg, Cholecalciferol, copper sulphate, pentahydraté, 1.5 mg, loaded with anhydrous calocum, 0.23 mg, Sulphate of iron, monohydrate, 3.0 ng of zinc, 19.4 mg, Manganese, Sulfate manganeux, 1.8 mg, II, 1I, 1I, 1I

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