Adult Sensitive Poultry

+ 1 year for sensitive cats

Adult Sensitive Poultry
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Adult Sensitive Poultry

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Sanabelle Sensitive with fresh poultry

+ 1 year for sensitive cats

Sanabelle Sensitive with fresh poultry has been developed especially for nutritionally sensitive cats with sensitive digestive systems. Sanabelle Sensitive with fresh poultry is nutrient-rich, highly functional and palatable, meaning that the quantity of food needed is significantly reduced and the digestive system suffers less damage. The high level of animal proteins from fresh poultry gives it exceptional protein quality and flavour. (acceptance)


Fresh poultry meat (min. 20 %), rice, fresh poultry meat meal, maize, animal fat, fish meal, liver (dehydrated), greaves (dehydrated), fresh meat meal, hydrolysed meat, beet pulp (sugar removed), powdered egg (dehydrated), linseed, yeast (dehydrated), fish oil, potassium chloride, cranberry (dehydrated), bilberry (dehydrated), mussel powder (NZ) green lipped mussel extract max. 0.25 % (nutritionally supports formation and function of cartilage), chicoree powder, blooms of marigold (dehydrated), yucca extracts (dehydrated).

Meat content or content of protein sources of animal origin (*see also the info. under: Services/Ask bosch): min. 62 % (on a dry basis)
Protein content of animal origin out of total protein content: min. 88 %

No allergens

Please ALWAYS check all the information on the product packaging before each consumption.
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