Reblochon Fermier

Cheese from raw cow's milk, Savoie region

Reblochon Fermier
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Reblochon Fermier

+/- 280g
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The origin of Reblochon begins in the 13th century, in the pastures of the valleys of Thônes, by clandestine marauding. The peasants therefore remunerated their owner on the quantity of milk produced in a day. At the time of the control, ingeniously, the farmer practiced an incomplete milking to pay less rent. As soon as the controller left, he proceeded to a second milking. The milk thus obtained was probably not very abundant, but very rich in cream, ideal for making cheese. Reblochon therefore owes its name to this small fraud, locally called “Rebloche“, because in patois “Re-blocher” means pinching the cow’s udder a second time.


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