Blond beer from Portugal, Alc. 5,0% vol.

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5.60 €

BEER BEER BIERE BEER, BEER BIRRA 6 GARRAFAS 6 BOTTLES 6 BOUTEILLES 6 BOTELLAS6 BOTTLES 6 B SEM RETORNO ONE WAY NON RETURNABLE Net 11,6 FL, OZ, Contents 11‚2 FL, 0Z, CUSTOMER SUPPORT Ingredients, Painted, Non-Malted Cureals, Lupulo B08 204 771 L Pega no tew smanphone 2, Download a free zlicacio to read QR Codes lex, E452i, Water, BARLEY, corn and rice and BARLEY, Higna OR Code Reader) 3, Open the app and point the camera at code 4, Re-amuse! 6 BOTTLES x 33 dl, alk, vol (5%)

Please ALWAYS check all the information on the product packaging before each consumption.
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