Nescafe Cappuccino

Instant Cappuccino

Nescafe Cappuccino
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Nescafe Cappuccino

6.93 €

reg, trademark of nestle products company s.a, instant preparation for coffee drink with skimmed milk powder, instant coffee drink mix with skimmed milk powder, powdered preparation for soluble coffee and low-fat milk, ingredients, skimmed milk powder (22%), corn syrup, coffee (14%), coconut oil, Lactose, acid tiles, salty, ingredients, Skimmed milk powder (22%), glucose syrup, café (14%), coconut oil, Lactose, acidity correctors, this, Ingredients, skimmed milk powder (22%), glucose syrup, soluble coffee (13%), coconut oil, Lactose, Ground roasted coffee (1%), acidity regulators, Sal tree, 10 x 14ge (140%), sugar, instant coffee (13%), ground roasted coffee, sodium carbonates, citric acid, sugar, instant coffee (13%), ground roast coffee, carbonates de sodium, citric acid, sugar, sodium carbonates, citric acid

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