Cracottes Wheat

Grilled bread made of wheat, rich in cereals and fibres

Cracottes Wheat
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Cracottes Wheat

4.40 €

be crispy wheat toasts enriched with iron, ingredients, rye flour (0.5%), sugar, skimmed milk powder, salt, palm oil, Minerals, emulsifier, dry and heat storage, be iron-enriched crunchy wheat toast, ingredients, Rye flour (0.5%), Sugar, Skimmed milk powder, Salt, Palm oil, Minerals, Emulsifier, energy fats, matiè of which verza don't acides gra carbohydrates, of which sugar fibers, fibers a keep away from heat and humidity, proteins, pro salt, sel nutritional information, nutritional information, cereals, wheat flour, iron pyrophosphate, sunflower lecithins, Cereal, Wheat flour, Ferric diphosphate, sunflower lecithins

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