Raffaello Tablet

Raffaello Tablet

White chocolate filled with coconut and almond cream

2.45 €

assortment by and raffaello, raffaello chocolate coconut almond cream 90 g white chocolate 59% filled with coconut almond cream 38% net quantity, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Skimmed milk powder, Coconut flakes (10.5%), Palm oil, Sweet whey powder, bader (3%), Coconut milk powder (9%), Butterfat, emulsifier soy lecithin, Flavouring, cocoa parts, min in the product of average nutritional value 100 g energy 2474 kj 595kcal fat (20%), of which saturated fatty acids 27.2% carbohydrates, of which protein sugars 46.5% 45.7% 7.5% 0.269% salt stored in a dry and cool place, use before, ferrero germany gmbh, hainer way 120-128, 60599 frankfurt, puts on the market, O, O, orešković's paranosse tsy, onmb int 01, 3700100, service@mueller, hr contain macadamia nuts, reference quantity for an average couls, ingredients (90%), see printed date manufacturer, müller store zagreb d, 8 400 kj, 2 000 kcal

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