Rose Cleansing Oil

To be massaged onto the face, gently dissolves make-up

Rose Cleansing Oil
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Rose Cleansing Oil

11.00 €

How it works?

EFFECTIVE: the vegetable oils in this formula dissolve make-up pigments, even waterproof ones.

PRACTICAL: a mild, certified surfactant - polyglyceryl-4-oleate - allows this make-up remover oil to turn into milk on contact with water. Make-up removal in 2 minutes, we promise ;)

Result: the skin is perfectly cleansed of all make-up and super soft with no greasy effect. And as a bonus: a little touch of freshness thanks to the natural scent of rose and lily of the valley!

How do I use it?

On dry skin. Take the oil between the palms and gently massage the face. When the make-up pigments are well dissolved, rinse with clear water.

No allergens

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