Super Oil Bath Hair

Ultra nourishing pre-shampoo care with 10 organic oils

Super Oil Bath Hair
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Super Oil Bath Hair

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How it works?

NOURISHING: 10 organic vegetable oils that will work in synergy to nourish, soften and soften the hair.

SHINY: after rinsing, the hair is nourished and the scales are smoothed: healthy, shiny and protected hair is yours!

PRACTICAL: the oil bath emulsifies on contact with water thanks to a mild and certified surfactant - polyglyceryl-4-oleate which transforms the oil bath into milk. Super practical to rinse!

Result: nourished and shiny hair, which washes gently without having to shampoo several times, unlike a traditional oil bath. How do I use it?

Apply to dry or damp hair before shampooing. Heat 3 pumps of Super Oil Bath between the palms of the hands then apply to the lengths and ends. Repeat as needed. Leave on for at least 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly before shampooing.

The extra thing: for even more shine and wildly soften dry ends after your shampoo, mix a few pumps of our Thirst-quenching serum with hyaluronic acid with the Super Serum for lengths and ends, apply, style... and admire!

No allergens

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