Antioxidant Care Oil

Protective and regenerating, reduces skin ageing

Antioxidant Care Oil
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Antioxidant Care Oil

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How it works?

We often hear about free radicals and for good reason: their excess is harmful to the body, including the skin, and accelerates its aging. These are unstable molecules that oxidize cells and damage them. Our body can neutralize part of it, but when it is overwhelmed - especially under the influence of factors that create free radicals such as sun exposure, pollution or stress, for example - free radicals create damage to the epidermis.

Result: the skin is damaged more quickly, loses luminosity and skin aging accelerates.

The skin needs to be defended and regenerated by a muscular formula, resulting in a radiant complexion!

- with wild rose oil, a precious orange vegetable oil, which regenerates devitalized skin

- with antioxidant active ingredients of natural origin to fight against free radical attacks, from ubiquinone to Vitamin E via rosemary extract

- with the Carotenoids contained in wild rose oil and carrot extract, which with their attractive orange color illuminates the epidermis.

How do I use it?

On clean, damp skin, apply a few drops of Care Oil, lightly touching the skin of the face and neck.

If I have dehydrated skin, I apply 1 or 2 pumps of Quenching Serum to clean skin, before the Care Oil. I can also mix the Serum and the Treatment Oil directly from the palm of my hand for a super light, minute emulsion.

No allergens

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