Almond Milk Balm

Nourishing and repairing with karité and 5 organic oils. Multi-purpose

Almond Milk Balm
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Almond Milk Balm

12.61 €

A veritable Swiss army knife for your eco-friendly bathroom! Its supple texture offers you an easy and tailor-made application, since you only take what is necessary for each use.

It's for me if ... I seek to nourish and protect the skin of the body and face, hair or chapped lips.

NOURISH: ultra nourishing, our Creamy Balm with 5 organic oils protects and repairs the skin. It is composed of 99% ingredients from organic farming and is suitable for babies, pregnant/breastfeeding women.

SOFTEN: regenerating and softening, it provides maximum comfort to the skin while maintaining hydration and suppleness all day long. Its combination of organic vegetable oils combines the softening properties of shea butter with the regenerating and antioxidant properties of apricot and avocado oils. Baby skin guaranteed!

PRACTICAL: to package this product, we have set our sights on a metal jar approved for food contact. In addition to being very light, which is an undeniable advantage for facilitating transport and making it as energy efficient as possible, it can be recycled very easily and an unlimited number of times! So do not hesitate - after possibly reusing it - to put it in your sorting bin, once the product is finished!

Result: the skin is protected, deeply nourished and has a summer air with its fragrance that smells like holidays and Monoï.

How do I use it?

After taking a small amount in the hands, heat the balm between the palms. Massage into body and face, focusing on the driest areas. Our balm works wonders on chapped lips and protects them from the cold.

The extra tip: for use on the hair, apply sparingly to dry ends OR, on unwashed hair, rub a dab of balm into the lengths, leave to act for 20 to 30 minutes and shampoo... Enjoy the result!

No allergens

Please ALWAYS check all the information on the product packaging before each consumption.
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