Cereal Bread

7-grain bread, sliced, gluten-free

Cereal Bread
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Cereal Bread

Gluten free
4.62 €

Corn starch, Water, Sourdough (14%), Rice starch, Vegetable fiber, Rice syrup, Sunflower oil, Soya, Sunflower seed (2.1%), Millet flour (2%), Flax seed (1.9%), Thickener, Quinoa flour (1.3%), Yeast, Rice flour (1.3%), Soy protein, Soy bran, Iodised salt, Poppyseed (0.6%), Chia, Seed (0.6%), Honey, Rice flour, Water, Psyllium, E464, Salt, Potassium iodide, Chia

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