Strawberry Jam Glucoregul

94% less sugar, rich in fibre, for controlled blood sugar

Strawberry Jam Glucoregul
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Strawberry Jam Glucoregul

4.45 €

Jam based on maltitol (natural sweetener extracted from wheat or corn) and sucralose, ensuring a much lower rise in blood sugar than traditional jams

calcium citrates, preservative, Sweetener, NGREDIENTS, Water, E1400, Sweetener, Cherry juice, Chokeberry, Less Sugars, Riik aan Vezelst This nmduct contains 90% less sugars gelifiant, Acidity regulator, Preservative, Cherry juice, Chokeberry, wings of calcium, Preservative, Rich motion, kälium sorbat, Strawberry bread filling, Strawberry, E965ii, E955, E440a, citric acid and dirates of calcium, E202, E965, E955, E202, Less Sugars

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