Coconut Oil Chips

Coconut Oil Chips

Potato crisps cooked in coconut oil

2.61 €

C POTATO CRISPS ingredients, coConut oil, sea salt, Store in a dry place, D XARTOFFELCHIPS 2Uutaten, Coconut oil, Salt, Trocken Lag N POTATO CHIPS Ingredients, coconut oil, zeez0U *From controlled cultivation, Droog bwe POTATO CHIPS Ingredients, coconut oil from controlled organic cultivation, Conserver d CHIPS Ingredients, coconut oil, sea salt, From agnic, certified organic ture, Save on the French Fries, coconut oil, sal ma, Certified organic farming, Conservar en u O2 RARTOFLER SNACK ingredients, Kartoflort red ocna, potatoes, potatoes", Potatoes, Potato", Potatoes", potato

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