Almond Cranberry

Mix of sweet cranberry and roasted almonds

Almond Cranberry
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Almond Cranberry

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OGO blend of roasted almonds (50%), and sweetened, dried cranberries (50%), Cranberry, Zucker, sunflower oil, With traces of other nuts, and contain peanuts, Packed under protective atmosphere, Store away from heat and moisture, A white coating on the berries is an indication of saccharification, This is a natural process and not spoilage, Danger! Children under the age of 4 in particular can choke on nuts, so they can get into the airways, De snal product out of reach of ei, De.nalt Best before end, the cranberry tree is wide, dried sweets (50%), Ingredients, Cranberry, dried, sugar sunflower oil, Protected from heat and humidity, Import product, The white coating on the berries is due to sugar, It is natural and is not the sign of an alteration, o Caution! young children, especially before, ang de4 ans, can easily choke on nuts, keep them out of their reach, Best before end of, sugar, sunfower oil, May at taces of other nuts and peanuts, Packaged ina protectie esphere Store away from heat and moisture, hsisanathural processand not spoilage, ut which can fheneby enter into fhe aino Ahe coating on the berries is due fo cystalisation ofhe sg Caufian! Particularly children under the age of 4n sy chohe u, almonds, z.B, nuts and stone fruits, see below, OO Roasted Almond Mix (50%), Cranberry, Almond, Cranberry, see below, Mix of roasted alimonds (50%), and sweetened drie cranberies (50%), lngredients almonds cranberries

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