Fit Caramelized Apple

Fit Caramelized Apple

White cheese with apples, 3.8% fat, fibres and Bifidus

Made in Lux
1.53 €

Fromage blanc (57%), skimmed milk zubereitung, apple preparation with mittel, Guarkemm four, 2*to Associate, pasteurized pasteurization, Cream, yogurt preparation Zubereitung Typ Bratapfe Sueme pasteurized milk, Inulin, Flavouring (4.9%), raisins, modinzer lactic ments, Pectin, Fructose syrup, Apple (4.9%), raises litric acid, Natrium secs, Modified starch, Thickener, Caramel sugar syrup, Aroma = gomme quar, Acidity regulator, sodium citrate, E333, Brown sugar syrup, Flavouring, small, Eruktose, Aroma, M Lactic Terments, Fructose, E440a, citric acid, Dresure

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