Cognac Iris Poivré

Cognac Small Cigue VSOP - Fine Wood, Alcohol content 40% vol.

Cognac Iris Poivré
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Cognac Iris Poivré

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The house: Fanny Fougerat offers Cognacs of winemakers, each of whom expresses their terroirs and their personalities. Her cognacs are not cognacs of blends but author's cognacs, each with their own style. At the end of the afternoon or as an aperitif, in agreement with a dish or cocktail, each one adapts to moments of tasting. From 4 generations of winemakers-distillers, she takes over the family farm. Her Cognacs were usually valued in the blends of the big trading houses. She launches her own range of cognac to enhance family production. The first bottling took place in November 2013. Tasting Note: Amber color, beautiful shine, powerful and rich nose, fruity, greedy and tart, Petite Cigüe is a Cognac that is readily available for tasting. It is a Cognac to enjoy without complex, for a moment of convivial pleasure. Varietal: 100% Ugni Blanc Vintage: the aging time in oak barrels is 6 years minimum. TAV: 40.0% Tasting note: Amber color, beautiful shine, powerful and rich nose, purified, precise and floral, Iris Poivré is a Cognac that combines delicacy with generosity. Fine by nature and airy by essence, it evokes a poetic moment sharing. Operating temperature: 16 ° C Food and wine pairings: In digestive, in pure tasting for confirmed amateurs or not

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