Plain Wedges

Plain wedges potatoes with peel

Plain Wedges
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Plain Wedges

10.93 €

irritated, frozen 'Ingrédierru, with, Modified starch, Starch, Cayenne pepper, powder onion powder' agents, Yeast extract, Dextrose, Sunflower oil (6%), Preparation, 15 mins at 1750C, Do not overcook, Fry and wire the products until they are crispy, Four, NL for for UK, frozen brefritoss, seasoned, Potato, Coating (8%), Wheat flour, E450, E500, Deep fryer.' fry 3, cook 15-20 min at 2000C, Rotate baking txnps moae product, I month*-60C I week. Do not refreeze once thawed, ?zys dorizine, 8670

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