Sanabelle Sterilized

Sanabelle Sterilized

For castrated cats from 12 months old

6.13 €

"Sanabelle Sterilized" is a complete energy-reduced food supplement for nutritionally sensitive cats that are prone to high weight due to castration. The increased fiber content (crude fiber) ensures a good satiety and a gentle, lasting weight reduction (weight control). In addition, muscles, joints, bones and circulation are better relieved.

Poultry meat (fresh, 20%), poultry protein (dried), potato starch, potatoes (dried), fresh poultry liver (5%), liver meal, beet pulp (de-sugared), protein hydrolyzate, pea fiber, cellulose fiber, greaves (dried), linseed, salmon oil, whole egg (dried), fishmeal, peas (dried), yeast (dried incl. 0.1% mannanoligosaccharides, 0.06% ß-glucans), calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, cranberries (dried), blueberries (dried), green lipped mussels (dried), Marigold flowers (dried), chicory powder, yucca (dried).

No allergens

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