Who are we?

Jacques and myself, two longtime friends from Luxembourg, have met by chance in 1995 while pursuing our common passion, hot air ballooning. In 2000, we began to gather our entrepreneurial skills and to develop unusual business ideas, including the launch in 2007 of epicerie.lu what became luxcaddy.lu in 2010.

The idea of this project was to offer a previously unknown service in Luxembourg: the online sale of food.

We were the first such service in Luxembourg, and this pioneer position enables us to keep the nose forward in the national online grocery business, despite the increasing competition from local supermarkets.

Not only we wanted to offer the most diversified and broadest productrange and best quality, but we also wanted to integrate a maximum of local products. Mission accomplished, there are no fewer than 20 producers from Luxembourg who have accompanied and supported us in recent years.

Jacques Lorang
Georges Kraft

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