Deodorant Le Poudré
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Deodorant Le Poudré
Natural aluminium-free deodorant cream, orange blossom and lavender    [ LU-BIO-04 ]
Clémence & Vivien
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Here is the mission of Le Poudré natural deodorant:

EFFECTIVE: its composition with powders and essential oils gives it the power to fight against bacteria that cause bad odors, this only formulated with natural ingredients and without aluminum salts (including without alum stone which is not nothing more than an aluminum salt).

PRACTICAL: can be picked up easily and cleanly with your finger in its pretty little glass jar. This deodorant balm offers a silky, non-greasy touch! We also love it for its fresh and unisex scent!

Result: regulated perspiration throughout the day and no more bad smells!

How do I use it?

Apply this deodorant balm with essential oils to your armpits after taking a very small amount from its jar.

The extra thing: if necessary, in case of scorching temperatures, you can renew the application during the day: effect...dry skin guaranteed!

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