Mustard of Dijon

Mustard of Dijon

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Fine Dijon Mustard, Ingredients, enu, gray mustard (26%), alcohol vinegar, this, citric acid, conservative, open Preferably serve with a wooden or plastic spoon, ODijon-Mustard, SENFKÖRNER 260, Spirit vinegar, AT, ypelsesaz uants, Preservative io POTASSIUM METABISULPHITE, After the winds in KOhlschronk outside, AAILLE SI, ZI from La Norge, Chevigny an, OUETIGNY, FRANCE, Unilever Austria Postach 240,290 Consumer France, Consumer Service Tel, Al, voir sur Windestens haltbor bis, METABISULFITE de potassium, Keep in the fridge after, Water, Weingerstessig, citric acid, 0969320080, agpel non surtne POUD ekere Recipele at www.maule.ol, 08UU 240 2 A ON5Ommer de pretérence unusual, see Glosautprint

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